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Fermentation Engineering with Seaweeds
Using the natural and new high-functional material containing a large amount of GABA(-aminobutyric acid), we reduced a shy smell of marine plants, with microltration and advanced fermentation that has fermented with Lactobacillus brevis BJ20 (KCTC 11377 BP), the developed fermentation strains. This product also contains various biological active compounds such as Fucose, sulfuric component sugar formed by fermentation from Fucoidan according to low-molecularization via fermentation, and low-molecular oligosaccharides made from marine plants. In this regard, we achieved green technology by manufacturing Eco-Bio natural GABA from seaweeds, with reduction of greenhouse gas and residual products.
For R&D based practical industrialization, we are seeking to create higher values added by dominance of new technologies, as the Marine Bio Technology R&D business, specializing in development of strains (fermentation microorganisms) [Institute of Fermentation with marine plants - 1st Institute] and R&D of various new functional materials [R&D Center of Functional Materials - 2nd R&D Center].
The frist institute(#1) For the Fermentation with Seaweeds
Position : in Pukyong National University.
  - Isolation / Identification / development of microoganisms for fermentation
  - Development of optimun conditions and process for fermentation
  - Evaluation of functions and safety
The frist institute(#1) For the Fermentation with Seaweeds
The second institute(#2) For novel functional materials
Position : Inside of Marine life-industry Promotion Center, 7, Hoenggye-gil, llgwang-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan
  - Development of functional and natural materials from marine plants
  - Development of Scale-Up Bio-process
The second institute(#2) For novel functional materials
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