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As the leader of developing natural and new high-functional materials using marine plants,
we are steadily making progress with natural and new materials by fermentation of marine plants.
"Korea study development company of new technology for food, agriculture, forestry and fishieries.
( Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)"
"NET enterprise certied by the Government (Certication No. 0019 from Ministry of Health and Welfare)"
We are the rst developer of technologies for manufacturing oligosaccharides from seaweed by lactic acid
fermentation from marine plants and natural GABA all over the world, with veried eectiveness and
commercialization. As the R&D enterprise, we are always making a constant challenge to new elds.
"Eco-Bio Business utilizing green technology
(Green Technology Certication No. GT-12-00034 from Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Aairs)"
We established the manufacturing technology for Eco-Bio natural GABA from Brown seaweed to reduce greenhouse
gas and residual products.
"Agriculture, industry and commerce convergence SME (No. 2011-07 from Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries)"
We are one of agriculture, industry and commerce convergence SMEs to secure safe and competitive materials
from clean areas, with farmers and shers, and seek to development of regional economies and win-win cooperation.
"Health Functional Food Manufacturing Business (No. 2011-Busan Regional Korea Food and Drug Administration-0002)"
We, the health functional manufacturer certied by Korea Food and Drug Administration, will supply various
types of health functional food and functional materials.
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