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     2013. 01 Certificate the new technology from the ministry for food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries
     2012. 03 HALA Certication [Shark Cartilage Mucopolysaccharide-Protein (SCMP)]
               02 Agrigento award (Ministry for food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister's award) Awarded
                Green Technology Certication (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime aairs)
     2011. 12 HALA Certication [Lactic Acid Fermented Sea Tangle Extract]
                ISO 9001 : 2000 Certication
               11 The Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic science, Sajosh Award (Technology Promotion Award)
               09 Health Functional Food Individually Approval (Korean Food & Drug Administration)
                [[Lactic Acid Fermented Sea Tangle Extract]]
               08 Health Functional Food Act importing business approval
                Health Functional Food factory Approval (Korean Food & Drug Administration)
               07 Convergence of agriculture manufacturing and business, small and medium business selection
               05 Factory registered
                SIAL CHINA 2011 innovations in techniques Awarded
     2010. 12 Local industries promotion business best companies Ministry of Knowledge Economy Minister's award
               07 Outstanding employee invention (Ministry of knowledge economy minister's award) awarded
               03 HALA Certication [Shark Cartilage Mucopolysaccharide-Protein (SCMP)]
     2009. 07 Certied "INNO-BIZ" from SMBA
               06 Certied "HT New Health Technology" from KHIDI(Korea Health Industry Development institute)
               03 HALA Certication [Shark Cartilage Mucopolysaccharide-Protein (SCMP)]
     2008. 08 Relocated to Marine Bio-industry Development Center
               07 Construction of institutes (#1, #2)
               06 Constituted business of "Strategy industry(Part of Marine Bio-Industry)" from Busan City
                Constituted business of "Local industry commonness technology development business" from MKE
                Certied the potential company for patents
     2007. 05 Constituted business of "Technical innovation" from SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration)
     2006. 10 Constituted business of ��Local industry priority technology development business�� from MKE
               03 Certied Venture Company From Kibo Technology Fund
     2005. 07 Constituted business of TBI(Technology Business Incubator)From MKE(Ministry of knowledge Economy)
               05 incorporation
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