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Low Sodium Fermented Salt
* Product  Low Sodium Fermented Salt
* Size  
* Materials  
* Origin  Korea
* Factory  Busan, Korea
New Standard of Salt
Same Salty Low Natrium
The world’s first patent fermented with salt.
  Role of Salt
The only substance to change cooking is Salt! - Ferran Adria/ Main chief of El Bulli world’s famous restaurant in Barcelona
Role of Salt
  Reduce national natrium intake! Cut down 20% Natrium.
    Heavy sodium intake is much harmful than smoking
  National doctor’s fee against smoking, drinking, obesity : 6.7 trillion won
   Medical fee for Chronic disease according to excessive sodium intake : 10.7 trillion won
  In case of making lower sodium intake into 3g from 4g of domestic sodium intake, Can reduce 13 trillion won of medical fee by
   lowering the 7th disease outbreak of stroke, osteoporosis, cardiac disorders, kidney disease.
   Reduction due to death results in 13 trillion won of social benefits.
  One of the research conducted in foreign country announced that reducing 15% of sodium intake is much cost-effective than
   cutting down 20% of smokers in order to prevent hypertension, cardiac disorder such as myocardial infarction.
  Epicurism free from natrium care!!
No additives
Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate,L-Lysine monohydrochloride silicon dioxide, ammonium chloride, Calcium Lactate : No additives of mixed folmula.
Low sodium
The world’s first developed technology naturally reduced natrium without artificial additives from sodium chloride.
Fermented salt
The world’s first scientific fermentation method by bean-paste soup prepared with ground fermented soybean fermentation technology
Fermentation strain : Bacillus Subtilis
    Same salty, Less Natrium
  No mineral addition , Reduced natrium utilizing halophilic microorganism fermentation.
  Control internal natrium balance by lowering harmful natrium.
  Salty is not strong used in cooking , feel tasty ,savory and taste of natural flavor without particular seasoning.
 The world’s first patent fermented with salt.
New Excellent Technology
- Patent Cooperation Treaty as world’s first fermented salt PCT / KR2014/002107
※ In process International (PCT) patent application in 6 countries individually
       - Get rid of the sodium of salt itself! / No alternatives!
       - Keeps original salty of salt itself / Mineral combination by fermentation such as peptidergic amino acid.
Fermented refined salt (mass market product) :
Mineral, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Essential amino acid increased.
Fermented sun-dried salt (premium product) :
Much abundant of sun-dried salt, essential amino acid increased.
  Compare marketed products with De:Na Salt.
De.Na salt Low sodium salt commercials on sales
- No substitution addition
- Mass production fermentation process establishment
- Contain large of mineral ingredient
- Natural glutamic acid tasty seasoning.
- Contained 70% of essential amino acid
  (From total quantity of amino acid)
- Mixed salt substitution
  (Magnesium chloride,Potassium chloride)
- Functional flavor enhancement addition
Enjoy your cooking with De.Na Salt.
You may join in global brand with De:Na Salt which helps Sodium diet easier and
much safer for people all around the world.
 Lowe Sodium salt development Technology mimetic diagram
- microorganism result from traditional
  soybean paste
- Salt resistant properties /
  Ability to ferment
- Ability to remove Natrium / Safety
- Development of lowering sodium
  fermentation :
  Mass productive fermentation
- Incubate creation establishment for
  affordability safety.
  Trade Terms
    Payment Terms   At sight L/C, T/T, FOB, CIF
    Delivery Time   Within 30 days after your payment
    Min. Order Qtty   10kg
    Certificates   ISO9001,NET, KFDA, KMF Halal, Green technology
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