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Organ Safe Life
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* Product  Organ Safe Life
* Size  19cm * 9cm * 6.5cm
* Materials  fermented sea tangle powder
* Origin  Korea
* Factory  Busan, Korea
  Product Features
Organ Safe Life is a multi-functional health food. It includes lactic acid fermented sea tangle that helps protect your liver against alcoholic damage, and aloe gel powder that helps increase the health of your intestines, improve your immunity, and make your skin healthy. Also, it contains probiotics that is effective for increasing lactic acid bacteria, and restraining harmful bacteria, and freeing from constipation.
   Protection of your liver against alcoholic damage
   Improvement in your intestines health, your immunity, and your skin health
   Multiplication of lactic acid bacteria, Restraint of harmful bacteria, free of constipation
   Functional composition or index composition : Quantity each time GABA 37,5mg
   Packaging Type : 1 Box 60 packs, 6000ml (100ml 2ea Inbox 10ea outbox 3ea)
   Daily Intake : Twice a day/ one pack each time (100ml)
  Ingredient and Function Information
01. Probiotics : which helps restrain harmful bacteria, increase lactic bacteria and facilitate intestinal motility, ease diarrhea and constipation sympoms, and improve evacuation activities.

02. Aloe Gel Power : which helps improve the health of intestines, increase immunity, and make the skin healthy [Source : Information about health functional foods by Korean Food and Drug Administration]

03. Lactic Acid Fermented Sea Tangle[FST]
Developed with sea tangle by the lactic acid fermentation technique, it is an edient of individual approval type health functional food by Korean Drug and Food Administration.

Results of application in the clinical trials
* Source : Report of Human baody Application Test [A Clinical study on the effects of fermented sea tangle on alcoholic Liver Blood Enzymes(serum r-Gt, ALT, and AST)and on efficacy on anti-oxidant.
Ingredient and Function Information
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  Trade Terms
    Payment Terms   At sight L/C, T/T
    Delivery Time   Within 30 days after your payment
    Min. Order Qtty   2,000 set ( 60,000 ea)
    Certificates   ISO9001,NET, KFDA, KMF Halal, Green technology
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